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3 Parenting Skills That Make You Better At Running Your Own Business

Isn’t it amazing how a happy family and a well-run company have so much in common? Just think about it, a nurturing family setup, with each member playing a special role and feeling a sense of belonging, and a successful company, with each employee feeling a sense of purpose and pride. That,...


6 Ways To Mold Children Into Leaders

Raising a child is probably the most difficult challenge you will ever face in your life. Raising a well-rounded, assertive child with a strong sense of self – not overbearing but not a shrinking violet either – is taking it to the next level. And so worth the effort! An assertive child is...


Cultivating Business Acumen In Your Kids

Kids all have unique characters and qualities that define them; some are more obvious to put in a box from a young age than others. Strong athletic or intellectual prowess is normally detected early on and usually encouraged with ample enthusiasm by doting parents. Those less easily definable...


6 Entrepreneurial and Intrapreneurial Values for Kids

So, you’re a parent who’s also an entrepreneur or intrapreneur; even if just a budding one. Thumbs up to you! Your kids are very fortunate to be around someone with your mindset: creative, resourceful, not scared to take a chance if the opportunity presents itself, not too set on formal business...


Why Teach Children Entrepreneurial Skills?

Why Teach Children Entrepreneurial Skills? The launch of our Online Learning Membership Site has gone off with a bang! We’ve taken our teaching online. We’ve seen the need for ease of access, simplified learning. If you believe in giving your children a kick-start in life and giving them...


5 Key Strategies To Raise Financially Savvy Children

Raising financially savvy children in the modern world can be a real challenge. Their lives are full of material desires and marketing from an early age, their parents often commit financial mistakes themselves and they often do not see any reason to be concerned about money when their needs and...