Why Teach Children Entrepreneurial Skills?
The launch of our Online Learning Membership Site has gone off with a bang! We’ve taken our teaching online. We’ve seen the need for ease of access, simplified learning. If you believe in giving your children a kick-start in life and giving them what they need to thrive after leaving school then you’ve landed on the right treasure chest. We’ve done our research, and it is no coincidence that we aren’t the only ones talking about equipping our children. In fact the infamous Entrepreneur would say that we are onto something big! You’ll discover that we’ve not only created the ultimate booster pack which addresses the concepts we’ll unpack shortly, but we’ve also taken it online with our Membership Site. Before we get too caught up in why we believe in what we’ve crafted let’s dive into what the experts have had to say. Let’s back track. What you are about to read is no fable, these are real life concepts that have proven to be what children need, if giving your child a head start on life is what’s important to you. Let’s dive into what the experts say is important to teach our children certain concepts and finally how it has anything to do without course and Membership Site.

It’s about taking risks
Some of us come from a generation where risk taking is a massive no go. Where the safe route is the best route to take. But if you want your children to think outside of the box and see life differently, risk taking is a vastly important skills. Learn to take risks. Don’t over-analyse. As a parent encourage and support your children and their ideas. Avoid over analyzing and preventing risk-taking – less entrepreneurial parents would be averse to risk taking. Ultimately life can be a scary place and if we foster a sense of fear, we will watch as our children tip toe through life- probably not what we want.

Dependency versus Independence
Entrepreneurs struggle to be micro managed. But still remain accountable to themselves and their action and performance. They value independence. Micro-managing or helicopter parenting our children will be setting our children up for failure. They will become more dependent on others and less independent and accountable and self-driven. They will become less confident in themselves, more risk averse and more dependent on authority as they get older.
Let your kids figure out how to make it work. We’re there to answer questions but not tell them what to do. Let’s encourage our children to be independent and allow them to make decisions for themselves. We can guide them along the way. Our children will become confident and independent youngsters in the long run if we focus on fostering a sense of independence versus dependence.

Make Money work for you
This is a big one for us parents. Foster the importance of starting a business and what goes into it. It’s not a magical thing that just happens- success does not come to those who wait around for things to happen. We need to help our children see the importance of understanding the significant concepts of starting a business- margin, expenses, and profits and saving. It’s not to say that our children have to start their own business but what is valuable is the skills that entrepreneurs possess and learn at a young age that sets them apart.

Give them this vision and watch how their understanding of money and finance will exponentially spring board their ability- watch how money will work for them and not the other way around, having to work for your money. Why is this important? It’s about understanding how money works from a young age. Money won’t be a foreign concept and they won’t be afraid of it, even more, we won’t let it control them because they will understand it.

What does the pursuit of relationships have to do with entrepreneurship?
Entrepreneurs understand the value of pursing opportunities and building meaningful relationships. You can’t wait for opportunities to come to you, you have to go out and get them. Putting your kid’s out there with their lemonade stand for example, will encourage them to leave their stand and reach out to people, and bring them over, to help solve a problem of quenching thirst.

It’s all about learning how to speak up and come to understand the unique power of offering up desirable solutions to a problem. Putting them out there at a young age will teach your children the art of finding opportunities in life. The power of being confident in themselves is golden. It’s not just in business that this is valuable but in life. It’s about speaking out, standing up, and being heard. That’s what we’re talking about.

Growing pains made easy
Our children are taught in school that failure is bad. But we all know that failure is an essential part of our success. It’s about using failure to teach our children to foster continuous improvement. It has been said that there is no failure but only feedback!
Turing failure into learning opportunities is not just about saying something didn’t work- it’s about engaging with the failure and asking questions- reflecting on it and learning what can be done differently. We can’t have our children learn that it’s not ok to fail and that failure is permanent. This will only make them scared to take chances or to think outside the box and try new things. Their ability to make their lives better will be limited by the way they see life and its opportunities.

Failure is the beginning of new chances, new strategies and more confidence.
What’s that got to do with the price of bread? We were as captivated as we’re sure you are right now. We were beside ourselves when we realised that we were onto something great. What we’ve created addresses these concepts of dependence, risk taking, confidence, failure and success, but it’s more than just that. We created a booster pack that helps fosters all the valuable life skills that our children miss out on at school. It equips them with a sense of wonder towards life, seeing life with possibility and seeing opportunities in the things they encounter. Ka-Ching! Business Parenting is all about giving our children the edge that they need after school. It fosters all these powerful skills and leaves our children with a world of knowledge and the actual ability to take on life with confidence.

Now what?
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